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tea & cocoa

premium loose leaf tea & dark chocolate cocoa

We proudly offer a modest range of specialty Taiwanese tea sourced directly from the farmers of the island. From Baozhong tea that focuses more on the aroma and delicate taste, favored by the north, to the Oolong tea that sometimes offers a deeper flavor, preferred by the south, even the famed Eastern Beauty, named by Elizabeth II of England, which can only be produced on the purest of land. We want to introduce novice and advanced tea drinkers alike to the beauty and diversity of Taiwanese teas.

We also have elevated herbal tea blends that will change your idea of non-caffeinated teas.

Chocolate has always been a great source of comfort and self love. We want to celebrate that with top quality ingredients through a simple recipe and bring you a cocoa mix that's comparatively low in sugar content but dark and rich, a luxurious and absolutely decadent treat. 72% dark chocolate. Pure cocao powder. 100% dehydrated milk.

pouring chocolate
chocolate and cocoa powder



scattered tea
leaves and tea

Taiwanese tea

directly from the farms

tea bags

optimized infusion

simple recipe

Diverse flavors
different process


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