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 pourover. in a pouch. 

POUROVER IN A POUCH is a single-serve, disposable pour-over coffee brewer. Pour-over will need a little bit of your attention. But if you’re a coffee aficionado, and you have your perfect morning routine and brewing ritual. This will be the closest and best option for you when you can’t travel with your favorite set-up (I get it, not all kettles are the same “chest bump”).


contents: filter (PP non-woven filter, cardboard), ground coffee, spoon (wood)

coffee weight and particle distribution: varied by coffee origin and filter type, please see product page for more details

recommended total water: 225g

recommended water temperature: 200°F to 210°F

recommended total brew time: 2 to 3 minutes

Brewing suggestion:



pourover in a pouch tutorial

1. Follow the instruction on the filter and set up cone filter securely on an 8oz cup. Take care not to spill the coffee ground.

pourover in a pouch tutorial

3. Continue pouring steadily. Pause whenever the coffee slurry is getting close to the lowest part of the filter, continue immediately once water recedes. Stop brewing when the filtered coffee is about 2 finger width from the top of the rim (about 225g/7.6 oz of hot water).

pourover in a pouch tutorial

5. Your delicious coffee is ready when all the water you pour passes through the filter, which is 2 to 3 minutes after your first pour. Carefully remove the filter from the cup (discard filter as landfill waste). Give the finished coffee a gentle stir.

pourover in a pouch tutorial

2. Always pour from the center of the coffee ground. Pour a little bit of hot water directly on the coffee till the blooming ground has almost risen to about 1 finger width from the lowest part of the filter. Very gently dip the provided spoon in the center of the coffee ground to the bottom 3 times to make sure all grounds are saturated before continuing. Let it sit for about 30 seconds.

pourover in a pouch tutorial

4. Carefully scrap coffee ground on the side of the filter with the included spoon.

pourover in a pouch tutorial

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