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confession from yours truly barista - a new beginning

Halfway There Coffee was founded in 2020. It's a micro coffee roaster and a tea dealer. I offer some rare specialty coffee directly traded from farmers in Taiwan and some of the best Taiwanese teas that's crafted by intuition, science, traditions and living, loving, human hands. You will also find a limited selection of breware in our shop that has always sparked joy in my daily routine.


This is a small business. I might be operating out of my basement at the moment. But specialty coffee and tea is my passion. After 15 years in the industry, from Taipei to Melbourne, Australian, then to New York City and now finally arrived in Phildadelphia, Pennsyvania, this is not only my profession, my way of making a living. It also deeply affects how I see the world around me and how I define my own worth and values.

Running my own business is different than managing a coffee shop. It's no longer an income security. It is certainly a progression. This is a continuing learning path for me. And I know I'm only "halfway there". (see what I did here?) As a matter of fact, I know I will always be learning and growing.

I rotate different seasonal single origin coffees from other countries alongside our direct trade program. These are often offered with two roasting profiles: one that has more clarity, more accentuated acidity great for pourover; the other has a touch slower development that yields a more balanced profile and is my go-to on espresso.

Please check out our shop for our current offerings. I really appreciate your support.

I'm beyond grateful for everyone who has supported us and given us words of encouragement and suggestion. And I'm beyond thankful for your patience as the business changes shapes many times responding to feedbacks and performances.

Pursuing goals is one of the most inspiring human emotions. The best parts of reaching the finish line are subjective but are often in the journey. Thank you for taking part in my evolution and my personal growth. I sincerely hope that I can also be a part of yours, even just for 5 minutes. So cheers to you!



ps. follow me on my personal Instagram account: Halfway There Barista. I'll see you at the daily brews!

To know more about our merchandise, please browse through our shop. For more information, check out COFFEE IN A POUCH, POUROVER IN A POLUCH. Sign up for our newsletter below to get updates on up coming sales, new coffee and tea or our blog updates.

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