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This is a special harvest from a new plantation in Shanlinxi. Enticing aroma of ripe fruit laced with hints of peach and apple, a round and creamy texture.


ripe fruit · peach · creamy

Floral and laced with delicate scents of peach and ripe fruit, Greenwood is harvested from a new plantation from Shanlinxi, Taiwan. In the last leg of winter, this fantastic tea tastes like the coming of Spring, full of touching moments of new life.


New plantation generally refers to tea trees that are 3 to 7 years old, right when the trees just mature, producing succulent leaves and consistent quality and large yields. With very light fermentation, this tea bursts of uplifting aroma, floral, fruity and incites a spring-like excitement.


This oolong tea is available in single-serve 6g loose leaf, 12 pyramid tea bags, 100g loose leaf or 25g bio-degradable gift jar.


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  • origin

    Lugu, Taiwan

  • Brewing suggestion

    Hot tea (western style)
    Steep 1 tea bag or 2.5g tea for 10 secs.
    Disgard rinse before brewing. 
    Recommended water temperature: 195°F
    First brew: 150g water for 5 mins
    Seocnd brew: 150g water for 8 mins
    Third brew: 150g water for 15 mins

    Hot tea (gongfu style)
    Steep 6g tea for 10 secs.
    Disgard rinse before brewing.
    Recommended water temperature: 205°F
    First brew: 100g of water for 45 secs.
    Second brew: 100g of  water for 40 secs.
    Third brew: 100g of  water for 50 secs.
    Add 10 secs each time for additional brews, can yield 6 ~ 7 brews.

    Iced tea:
    Place 1 tea bag or 2.5g tea in 250g of cold water.
    Store in the fridge for 16 hours.

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