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 coffee. in a pouch. 

COFFEE IN A POUCH is a disposable immersion coffee brewer. It’s seriously so easy and consistent. Just make sure you stir the coffee ground right after you pour your initially water, pour in the rest of the water and let coffee completely soak in the water, stir once again after 3 minutes. Then you’ll get a balanced coffee, ready to go.


contents: filter (PP non-woven filter, cardboard), ground coffee, stirrer (wheat stem)

coffee weight and particle distribution: varied by coffee origin and filter type, please see product page for more details

recommended total water: 225g

recommended water temperature: 200°F to 205°F

recommended total brew time: 5 to 10 minutes

Brewing suggestion:



coffee in a pouch tutorial

1. Take the filter out of package and hold the filter with the open line side up. Release hangers from the die-cut lines before tearing open the filter. Anchor the filter securely on an 8oz cup. Gently insert the included stirrer in the coffee ground.

coffee in a pouch tutorial

3. Stir the coffee ground gently again 3 minutes after your first pour. (pro tips: make sure you submerge the filter just below the opening, so the coffee ground is soaking entirely.)

coffee in a pouch tutorial

2. Pour a little bit of hot water directly on the coffee ground. Stop when the coffee ground and “bloom” has almost risen to the top. Stir the coffee ground thoroughly to make sure all grounds are saturated before continuing pouring till the water has come up to about 1 finger width to the rim (about 225g/7.6oz of hot water).

coffee in a pouch tutorial

4. Your coffee is now ready after another 2 to 7 minutes after the first pour. Carefully remove filter from the cup (discard as landfill waste), then give the finished coffee a few stirs. (pro tips: like a more balanced profile? trying brewing the filter for 10 minutes)

coffee in a pouch tutorial

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