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  • What is Coffee In A Pouch?
    Coffee In A Pouch is a ready-to-brew product that aim to provide an easy solution to specialty coffee demand without a proper coffee setup. Sourced from specialty coffee roasters, coffee is then freshly ground, vacuumed and flushed with food grade nitrogen to preserve its ultimate flavors. All within 15 minutes! And by using a disposable pour-over coffee filter, making coffee is now much simpler. All you will need is hot water, an 8oz cup and this brewing kit.
  • What does nitrogen do to pre-ground coffee?
    Nitrogen displaces ambient oxygen, therefore drastically slows down the oxidation of reground coffee.
  • Do I need to use a gooseneck kettle for Nitro Flushed?
    Both our “immersion” and “bio-degradable” options are specially designed to work with any types of kettle, even directly from the hot water heater. So the answer is no. However, a gooseneck kettle is without a doubt, easier to pour. And if you want to try our “pour-over” option, a gooseneck kettle will give you a much better control over your brewing flow rate.
  • Does it matter what water I use?
    Yes, my dear, very much. Stay clear from tap water if you’re not sure about the water quality from your region. Actually, stay clear from tap water, period. Distilled water is also not so ideal. The most ideal water for brewing coffee should have a PH level around 7, and TDS between 80 ppm to 150 ppm. We carry water re-mineralization capsules from Third Wave Water, which is a very conveneint way to create a water perfect for brewing coffee and tea.
  • How do I use single serve brewer?
    I’m so glad you asked!! There are three styles of brewers available: immersion, pour-over and bio-degradable (in developement). Immersion and bio-degradable works by mostly steeping your water with coffee. Pour-over, on the other hand, namely works by perculate water through the coffee ground. Check out our About page for a close up tutorial and a detailed description. Happy brewing!
  • Does Coffee In A Pouch tastes as good as freshly ground and brewed coffee? You swear?
    Yes, I swear. It won’t taste rancid, and it won’t stink. Boy scout’s honor! (but you should know that I was never a boy scout.) I would swear on James Hoffman though. This is so much better from the deli corner where the coffee beans is measure by a paper cup and the urn is NEVER washed. (one tiny disclaimer: don’t use tap water or distill water.) However, that is not to say that you can’t taste the difference. If you compare them side by side. Even when the extraction rate is almost identical. The freshly ground cup does taste a notch more vibrant and has more acidity.
  • What's creamer options in condiment section? Are they perishable?
    In the condiment section, you will see dehydrated milk and creamer for your choosing. Dehydrated milk are completely safe and does not need to be temperature controlled. There are best by date for your reference but does safely last longer than that.
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