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Hua Xi Tian Manor

Hua Xi Tian Manor our direct trade partner from Taiwan. This farm is located in Tsaoling, Gukeng Township, Yunlin County. The farm faces east and sits between 600 meters and 1,100 meters above sea level. The hilly terroir creates an ideal micro climate where the farms gets 5 to 6 hours of morning sunlight daily. Where it lacks in altitude, Hua Xi Tian Manor makes up with absolute passion and attention to their every crop. The cherries are picked at their best by the hands that planted the trees. Currently, the farm mainly cultivates Arabica varieties, such as Yellow Bourbon and Geisha. Recently, they also started growing SL-34.

Hua Xi Tian Manor is owned and managed by a husband-wife duo, Tsung-lin Hsieh, Pei-shan Lin. They both inherited their parents' coffee plantations and decided to invest in and innovate the land. Their approach towards coffee are both intuitional and scientific. You may recognized their name in competitions such as Cup of Excellence and Agence pour la Valorisation des Produits Agricoles.

Check out their facebook to know more about them. They update frequently. It's a great way to see what new experiments they are up to. They also include what's happening on the farm often, from the local blossoms to the spring butterflies in the field. It always a comfort that transports me to the land whenever I catch up with them.

HuaXiTian Manor facebook

 current collection 

washed typica



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natural yellow burbon


Subtropic Dawn

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washed grafted geisha


Butterfly Valley

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