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Dark chocolate cocoa (sweetened)

Dark chocolate cocoa (sweetened)


When a top shelf 72% bittersweet chocolate meets 100% cocao powder, it creates an all so delicious cocoa blend. Simply dissolve in hot water or hot milk. The chocolate lends its fudgy texture to the mix, giving you the most decadent hot chocolate for an immediate and off the chart endorphins boost.


Simple recipe, quality ingredients. 

  • Ingredients

    72% bittersweet chocolate (cocao bean, cane sugar, cocoa butter, sunflowerlecithin and vanilla bean), dehydrated coconut milk/whole milk, cocoa powder processed with potassium carbonate, organic cane sugar

    processed in the facility that also processes milk

    certain variety contains milk

    certain variety contains treenut (coconut)


  • Brewing suggestion

    Be aware of hot liquid/surface and moving beings around you.

    Dissolve content with 225g of hot water, coffee or heated milk to make 8oz of hot cocoa. We recommend using pouring half amount of the liquid to dissolve cocoa mix first of a more managable application.

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