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Taiwan Subtropic Dawn

Taiwan Subtropic Dawn


***This product is roasted to order. Please allow 1 additional business day for all IN STOCK orders. Upon meeting daily roaster capacity, pre-order will be available for future roast schedule. Thank you for your support!***


pineapple · exotic · jam


This exotic coffee is for the adventurous and it hits you with an tropic fruit bomb. Subtropic Dawn lures you in with the enticing aromas of pineapple and ripe starfruit. It's lush and creamy with a raisiny sweetness.


Subtropic Dawn is the yellow burbon lot from our direct trade partner Hua Xi Tian Manor from Taiwan. The hilly terroir creates an ideal micro climate where the farms gets 5 to 6 hours of morning sunlight daily. Where it lacks altitude, Hua Xi Tian Manor makes up with absolute passion and attention to their every crop. The cherries are picked at their best by the hands that planted the trees. 


  • About this coffee

    Region: Gukeng, Yunlin, Taiwan

    Grower: Hua Xi Tian Manor

    Varietal: Yellow Burbon

    Process: Natural

    Altitude: 600 ~ 1000 masl

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