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Bolivia Coop San Juan

Bolivia Coop San Juan


***This product is roasted to order. Please allow 1 additional business day for All IN STOCK orders. Upon meeting daily roaster capacity, pre-order will be available for future roast schedule. Thank you for your support!***


orange zest · creamy · honey

With a mild and uplifting orange-like acidity, Coop San Juan is an absolute gem that's both comforting and exciting. Its creamy body and balanced sweetness of honey are laced with hints of spice. Althoguh lesser known amid her coffee producing neighbors, Brazil and Peru, Bolivia has the ideal climate and produces high quality coffee that's shown in this offering.


We recommend both light roast and medium roast with this coffee for black coffee drinkers. In light roast, the juiciness and the honey quality of the sweetness are more pronounced. In medium roast, the sweetness are more saturated with notes of chocolate and warm spice finish that makes a perfect morning coffee by the campfire.

  • About this coffee

    Region: Caranavi, La Paz, Bolivia

    Grower: 33 farms organized around Cooperativa Agrícola Cafetalera San Juan

    Varietal: Typica, Caturra, and Catuai

    Process: Fully washed and sun dried

    Altitude: 1500 masl

  • About the roast

    This coffee is available in light roast or medium roast which are our over-simplified terms to describe two different roast profiles we offer with this coffee.

    There isn't a significant color difference to these two options. However, we approach our light roast with an emphasis on the fruitiness whereas our medium roast were developed over lower heat initially. As a result, our light roast shows more acidity and clarity.  Our medium roast are generally more balanced and more suited for espresso and coldbrew.

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