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Pourover in a pouch - single serve

Pourover in a pouch - single serve


***This product is made to order. Please allow an additional 1~2 day process time. Thank you for your support!***


POUROVER IN A POUCH is a single-serve, disposable percolated coffee brewer. Travel with your perfect morning routine and brewing ritual, without the extra luggage! easy clean-up.  


Specialty coffee roasted in small batches. Coffee is rested till the flavor peak and ground with close control over particle distribution. Pouch is then vacuumed and flushed with nitrogen to achieve ultimate flavor preservation. Each pouch is hand made by yours truly barista. The application is easy and the result is consistent. Just add water, and you’ll get a balanced coffee in 3 minutes.

  • Content

    filter (PP non-woven filter, cardboard), ground coffee, spoon (wood)

  • Brewing suggestion

    Anchor brewer securely over a cup. Percolate 225g of water over coffee ground till coffee finishes dripping. BREW GUIDE

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