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Golden Sparkle

Golden Sparkle


An elegant tea with an aroma that reminds your of spring blossoms and pickled mango. Light, airy and clean.


delicate · floral · pickled fruit


This baozhong tea is available in single-serve 6g loose leaf, 12 pyramid tea bags, 100g loose leaf or 25g bio-degradable gift jar.


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Like an enlightening spatter of light dancing off the wall, Golden Sparkle is the name we gave this tea based on our impression. It’s also what people normally know as Wenshan Baozhong. There’s a saying about tea preference in Taiwan. It goes like ‘Baozhong for the north, oolong for the south.” Generally preferred by the north, this is a process that emphasizes on the refreshing floral notes in its aroma.

Baozhong mean to wrap seed. This name came from how this tea used to be packaged, wrapped in paper and folded into a cube. Some say the seed it refers to is the tea varietal ruanzhi, also referred to as Chin-shin-oolong (not to be confused with the broader term of tea style). Wenshan Baozhong undergoes a lighter fermentation. The fermentation level is usually between a green tea and the common oolong tea. Other than than ruanzhi, TTES #12 is another popular varietal for this style of tea making.

The origin of this style goes back to the Japanese Colonial Era. A tea master called Jingshi Wei (魏靜時) invented this method to release the natural floral notes from the tea rather than going through the then popular method of scenting the tea with flowers. The dried tea shows a inky dark green color, twisted tea leaves curl in the shape of a flying dragon.

  • varietal


  • origin

    Pinglin, Taiwan

  • Brewing suggestion

    Hot tea (western style)
    Flush 1 tea bag or 2.5g tea with hot water before brewing.
    Recommended water temperature: 195°F
    First brew: 150g water for 3 mins
    Seocnd brew: 150g water for 6 mins
    Third brew: 150g water for 15 mins

    Hot tea (gongfu style)
    Recommended water temperature: 195°F
    Rinse 6g of tea with hot water, discard rinse immediately
    First brew: 100g water for 40 secs
    Second brew: 100g water for 40 secs
    Third brew: 100g water for 50 secs
    Add 10 secs each time for additional brews, can yield 4 ~ 5 brews

    Iced tea:
    Place 1 tea bag or 2.5g tea in 250g of cold water.
    Store in the fridge for 12 hours.

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