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New coffee update: Honduras, Ecuador and Colombia

Great coffees fresh off the production today. They are all from Máquina Coffee. If you don’t know them already. They are a independent, local roaster based in Coatesville, Pennsylvania. Máquina is founded by Gabriel Boscana, barista turned coffee educator turned green coffee buyer then roaster. They have a delicious selection of coffees that really focus on the producers behind the origins. They have always been my top recommendation for anyone who’s into small lot specialty coffee. Check them out.

.... And if you’re thinking about some coffee on your next cabin get-away. We have three different origins from Máquina Coffee that have just been processed today and are available on the website.

Honduras Finca Emmanuel from Nolasco Family

creamy, milk chocolate and caramel

Roast: Medium/Light

Country: Honduras

Region/Area/Estate: Marcala

Process: washed

Altitude: 1,470 meters

Varietal: pacas, catuai

This is a “relationship” fresh crop from Máquina Coffee. Check out Máquina Coffee for the background story. This is a crowd pleasing coffee. Balanced with milk chocolate finish and notes of caramel, comforting creamy texture. Of the three coffees processed today, this has the least acidity.

Ecuador Los Eucaliptos from Felipa Luzon

ripe fruit, elegant and orange creamsicle

Roast: Light

Country: Ecuador

Region/Area/Estate: Palanda, Zamora-Chinchipe

Process: washed

Altitude: 1,550 meters

Varietal: typica

This elegant coffee hit me first with its incredibly enchanting aroma that reminds me of ripe fruit with mild floral notes and herbal aromatics. It brews a juicy cup with a rounded acidity almost like creamsicle!!

Colombia Santa Maria

vibrant, clean acidity and hint of molasses

Roast: Light

Country: Colombia

Region/Area/Estate: Huila

Process: washed

Altitude: 1,650 ~ 1,850 meters

Varietal: caturra, castillo

The brightest coffee of the trio, this coffee has a vibrant profile with a clean acidity and a lingering aftertaste laced with hint of molasses.

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