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Espresso tonic! Beat the heat with this fun drink two ways

As the summer gets scorching hot, I am sharing my favorite espresso and tonic recipes to help you combat this heat with a touch of magic. Especially if you are looking for the next level iced coffee experience, espresso and tonic water is the perfect summer combo. Tonic water brings an electrifying cooling effect and a smudge of complexity. Try it as a satisfying espresso & tonic, or as a refreshing espresso fizz. Don't miss out on this summery delight!

Espresso & berry tonic


double espresso

20g berry jam/reduction

2~3oz quality tonic water


1. Mix espresso with any berry reduction of jam of your liking. You can choose any type of berry more other fruits. However, raspberry, cranberry and strawberry tend to have a touch more acidity, whereas blueberry and blackberry is comparatively more subtle.

2. Pour mixture over ice.

3. Top off with tonic water and serve.

tips: use crushed ice instead and serve with a spoon to make this a more desserty experience!

Homemade blueberry reduction


200g blueberry (or any other berry you prefer)

40g cane sugar (optional)


1. Heat up berries over medium-low heat. There's no need to add water. Berries will start to get glistening about 2 minutes in. Stir occasionally till it's all cooked down to liquid. About 10 minutes.

2. Turn off heat and add sugar. Mix well till sugar is dissolved.

3. Leave out at room temperature till reduction cools down. Keep in the refrigerator for up to 7 days.

tips: If you prefer a smoother texture, pour the reduction through a strainer. If you want to add a little bit texture. Turn the heat off when you can still see a little pulp in the reduction.

Espresso and marigold fizz


double espresso

1 teaspoon cane sugar (optional)

6oz quality tonic water

edible marigold flower or orange grind


1. In a shaker, mix espresso and sugar with some ice. Shaker vigorously.

2. Pour the shakerato into a glass. Pour a little bit of tonic water to mix with the espresso mixture first. This step is to reduce the "explosion" when you mix coffee and carbonated water.

3. Top off with more ice and the rest of the tonic water. Garnish with any edible flower or any citrus grind. Marigold and orange rind goes really well with this drink. Alternatively, use your favorite bitters.


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