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Best lavender syrup and iced lavender cappuccino

home made lavender syrup to spice up your coffee routine. Perfect for a summer iced cappuccino!

While we appreciate the unique taste of different coffee origins, a little nicely done syrup can add flavor and transform your coffee into a treat. What better than a little bit of purple magic to spruce up your mid-summer iced coffee? We are sharing our favorite lavender syrup recipe so you can create this versatile syrup in just a few easy steps.

The key to making a good lavender syrup is subtlety and extraction process. Lavender is one of these ingredients that can get overwhelming easily. We are looking for an elegant floral accent in this syrup instead of "drier sheets".

To extract all that beauty lavender scent without bitterness, cold brew is an essential step. Finish lavender syrup can last up to 2 weeks in your refrigerator. You can use it in your coffee, Gin n' tonic or other cocktails, even in your panna cotta. The dreamy purple can may not last long into your brewing process. It will gradually turn into a light brown color. But this recipe truly yields a bottle of lavender dream that's the perfect touch for all the summer goodness.

Homemade lavender syrup

This recipe yields approximately 500g of finished syrup

dried organic lavender flowers: 5g

filtered cold water: 150g

filtered hot water: 125g

cane sugar: 250g

Step 1: cold brew lavender concentrate

In a clean container with lid, mix lavender flowers and cold water thoroughly. Let mixture sit on the counter at room temperature for 1 to 4 hours before moving the mixture and let it brew in the refrigerator overnight.

Step 2: making syrup

Mix cane sugar with hot water thoroughly till it dissolves. Strain the lavender concentrate into the simple syrup and mix well. Keep in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.

lavender is a summer magic. Not only is it a good coffee addition. It's also great in a cocktail and cream based desserts.
Iced lavender cappuccino

Now that we've made the beautiful lavender syrup. Here's an example of how to enjoy it in a coffee.

lavender syrup: 20ml ~30 ml

double shot of expresso

frothed milk: 200g

Use a French press like milk frother can give you a well textured cold foam that transform this recipe into a perfect treat. However, you can also shake up the milk in a cocktail shaker to achieve a similar effect.

Stay cool and refreshed!

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