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Japanese style iced coffee, pourover on ice

Flash chilled pourover is a perfect iced coffee method to capture the beautiful acidity in your coffee when you want it iced. Many people refer to this method as Japanese style iced coffee. It’s a simple way to brew hot coffee over ice. Hot temperature helps the extract the acidity and release the aroma. Compare to cold brew, this method yields a glass of iced coffee that’s brighter, has more acidity and more refreshing.

28g of coffee

250g of hot water

80g of ice, plus more for serving

Gear: cone shape pourer dripper

This recipe is developed for our CEREMONY POUROVER DRIPPER or V60 and any 60 degree cone shape dripper. However, using flat bottom brewer such as Kalita Wave or Fellow Stagg will have very similar result.

Water for pourover

Coffee is 98% water. If you don’t like the water as is, you won’t like the coffee made from it. Use a soft water that has some mineral content for making coffee. If you use water that smells of bleach, the coffee will taste even worse.

A little note for engineering your own coffee brewing water. Magnesium can really help brining the balance and sweetness to your coffee, I personally find a ratio of 1:2 of calcium and magnesium or even magnesium only works very well for this recipe (130ppm, PH7.3). Temperature between 205 ~ 212°F.

Coffee for iced pourover

You can use whatever roast level you prefer. However, since this method is using hot water for coffee extraction. It can really bring the brightness into your cup. Therefore we are recommending medium to light roast coffees with this method.


We are using 28g of medium-fine ground coffee, slightly finer than you would for a hot pourover.


1. Rinse filter with hot water. Then set the dripper over a glass with about 80g of ice.

2. Measure and dose 28g of medium-fine coffee.

3. Slowly add about 60g of hot water for a 45 second bloom. Gently but effectively swirl the dripper to make sure all grounds are saturated.

4. Pulse pour with a careful and steady pour, only raise the slurry to 1/4 inch high at a time. Total water including the initial bloom is 250g.

5. Total brew time should be between 2’30” to 3’00”. The coffee is now around room temperature. Pour coffee over more ice and enjoy!

Taste and dial in

Mix coffee well before accessing the result. If you find the coffee to be more intense in flavor with a hint of saltiness, try using a coarser grind size or less coffee. If you prefer more acidity, use a shorter bloom time or a coarser grind size.


Temperature is your friend for coffee extraction. The release of wet aroma also makes this method a full sensual experience. The dilution of coffee may result in less body, but for a bright and fruity coffee, this method really makes a uplifting and quenching cup. Not to mention it’s ready in less than 5 minutes. Out of cold brew? Perfect time to give this Japanese style iced coffee a try.


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