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Stepping into the Spring with Greenwood, new plantation tea from Taiwan

Greenwood, a floral, uplifting and fruity oolong tea from Shanlinxi, Taiwan, harvested from a new plantation

Floral and laced with delicate scents of peach and ripe fruit, Greenwood is harvested from a new plantation from Shanlinxi, Taiwan. In the last leg of winter, this fantastic tea tastes like the coming of Spring, full of touching moments of new life.

New plantation generally refers to tea trees that are 3 to 7 years old, right when the trees just mature, producing succulent leaves and consistent quality and large yields. With very light fermentation, this tea bursts of uplifting aroma, floral, fruity and incites a spring-like excitement.

color: warm yellow with a tint of fresh green

aroma: ripe fruit, hint of peach, apples, orchids

tea: rounded and creamy

Brew recommendation (western style)

dose: 2.5g (or one of our pyramid tea bag)

recommended water temperature: 195°F

rinse tea or tea bag with hot water for 10 seconds, discard rinse water

first brew: 150g water for 5 minutes

second brew: 150g water for 8 minutes

third brew: 150g water for 15 minutes

Brew recommendation (gongfu style)

dose: 6g

recommended water temperature: 205°F

rinse tea with hot water, discard rinse immediately

first brew: 150g water for 45 seconds

second brew: 150g water for 40 seconds

third brew: 150g water for 50 seconds

add 10 seconds each time for additional brews, can yield 6 ~ 7 brews

We shared tea in the woods, as the winter winding down to early spring. We buried our noses to catch the rising aroma. We held up the tea to the light and marveled at the sparkling light shining through the monochromatic backdrop of bony trees. We tasted the tea like drinking from the stream. The air was still cold, but we smelled greens and the sun was warm.

Greenwood, a new plantation tea that reminds me of the excitement of spring

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