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Nicaragua El Volcan by Máquina

A really smooth coffee that have you reach for your third cup before you know it, balanced, forgiving and just a good for all occasion type. It has a nice medium body that brings a layer of clarity in the finish. A seemingly mundane but truly outstanding cup. I know this sounds out of context. Try it and see for yourself, then you’ll know what I mean.

balanced almond and chocolate with a clean finish

Roast: Medium/Light Country: Nicaragua Region/Area/Estate: Nueva Segovia Process: sun-dried on raised beds Altitude: 1,250 ~ 1,450 meters Varietal: Caturra and Catuai

Notes from the roaster: This is a rarity with Maquina Coffee! This is our first time working with a Nicaraguan coffee, and we were so excited to get this coffee through a close friend of ours and Maku Coffee. El Volcan is a small community near the indigenous town of Mozonte in Nueva Segovia. The average elevation in this region is 1250-1450 meters above sea level. This coffee is a Maku community blend of Caturra and Catuai varieties. It was sun-dried on raised beds under shade for an average of 19 days. This blend is a combination of efforts by five separate producers from five small-scale estate farms. Tasting notes: Almond, Chocolate, Citrus

Want to know more about what they do? Head over to check out Máquina Coffee Roasters.

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