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Brazil Finca Cerrado Mineiro

This is a very balanced coffee, and I immediately thought of a bright and slightly chilly day in November, strolling down the lovely Italian market. It is for sure, our special pick for dark roaster fans. This brings all the fond memories of a bygone days where things are simple and heartfelt. A well developed coffee has been unfairly overlooked nowadays. That’s why I’m very excited to serve you this Brazil that brings all the nostalgic sentiment and goes incredibly well with creamer or milk.

nutty, lots of chocolate notes and robust

Roast: Dark Country: Brazil Region/Area/Estate: Finca Cerrado Mineiro Process: Natural Altitude: 800-1300 meters Varietal: Acaia Cerrado Notes from the roaster: This South American coffee displays a rich and creamy body. Almond and brown sugar undertones are married with hints of dark chocolate to produce a perfect cup for any time of day. With it's balanced profile, this coffee can be enjoyed as drip or single origin espresso.

Tasting notes: dark chocolate, walnut, creamy

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