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Easter BOGOF and new coffee update: Ethiopia and Colombia

New coffee update: Colombia Cauca Perla De Inza and Ethiopia Limu Kossa Geshe

Hiya! We are doing a buy-one-get-one-free special with some great coffees fresh off the COFFEE IN A POUCH/POUROVER IN A POUCH production this week. They are both from BKG Coffee Roasters. BKG Coffee Roasters is based in Brooklyn, NY. Their roasting philosophy is the bring the fully developed flavors from ethnically sourced green coffees. Check them out if you haven’t tried their coffee before. Their flagship store in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn is always worth a visit!

.... And if you’re thinking about some coffee on your Spring mountain hike. We have two different origins processed this week and are available on the website. To celebrate a beautiful Easter week to come, from 4/13/2022 to 4/19/2022, any purchase including these two coffees gets an automatic BOGOF bonus. Bonus origins depends on stock options and are subjects to change.

Colombia Cauca Perla De Inza

juicy, honey and peach

Roast: Medium/Light

Country: Colombia

Region/Area/Estate: Inza

Process: washed

Altitude: 1,800 to 2,100 meters

Varietal: castillo, caturra, Colombia

This is a balanced coffee that marries the comforting sweetness and refreshing acidity perfectly. A sweetness that reminds me of brown sugar and honey with a beautiful pop of peach in the finish.

Ethiopia Limu Kossa Geshe

ripe blueberry, dark chocolate and cognac

Roast: Medium/Light

Country: Ethiopia

Region/Area/Estate: Limmu Kossa

Process: natural

Altitude: 1,800 to 2,000 meters

Varietal: Ethiopian heirloom

An exotic coffee that’s both fruity and complex. A jammy blueberry bomb with a nicely developed dark chocolate note and just a hint of cognac. This coffee is what I think BKG Coffee Roasters does the best, a fruit forward coffee with the sweetness fully unlocked.


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