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Rwanda Rambagira by Máquina

This is an amazing and exciting coffee from women’s group Dukundekawa. It’s succulent, sweet like a darker color sugar, a little hint of black tea in the finish, a beautiful stonefruit acidity throughout. Using immersion method yields a medium body and smooth texture, while a pourover method gives you a lot more clarity. A truly delicious coffee recommended either way.

Juicy, complex and exotic!

Roast: Light Country: Rwanda Region/Area/Estate: Rambagira Process: washed Altitude: 1,800 ~ 2,000 meters Varietal: bourbon

Notes from the roaster: This coffee is 100% Bourbon variety and is grown at 1800 - 2200 meters above sea level! It is a delicious, juicy and very nuanced cup. These women have worked together since 2018. Now they are 200+ members. They weave beautiful traditional Rwandan baskets during the off season to earn off-season income. They’ve also been the beneficiaries of an NGO named Days for Girls, which sends them materials and sewing machines. The Rambagira coffee-farming women sew the fabric into feminine hygiene kits to be donated to girls throughout their rural, mountainous area. In 2019, Rambagira used the premium from Artisan Coffee Imports (paid for by Maquina!) to help them purchase new land with coffee trees. So there will be even more delicious Rambagira women’s coffee in years to come. This coffee is from the well known and quality focused (plus a personal favorite of mine) Dukundekawa Cooperative. Tasting notes: Apricot, Black Tea, Cherry

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