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Guatemala Sonrisa by Máquina

This all occasion coffee is on the lighter side of the spectrum of a balanced profile. Still carries a rounded milk chocolate taste, it has a creamy body accented by a very gentle acidity, and the lingering vanilla finish just makes this coffee all the more lovely and enjoyable.

smooth, subtle acidity with a comforting vanilla finish

Roast: Medium/Light Country: Guatemala Region/Area/Estate: Huehuetenango Process: washed Altitude: 1,890 meters Varietal: bourbon & typica

Notes from the roaster: ACODIHUE, Asociación de Cooperación al Desarrollo Integral de Huehuetenango was founded in 1996 with the support of the European Union and the government of Guatemala. It is a primarily coffee-producing organization, made up of 20 agricultural associations and overseen by a board of directors, which is elected at the organization’s annual assembly. ACODIHUE is also focused on supporting the next generation of coffee growers and has implemented a generational advocacy initiative to support and promote the inheritance of farms by the children of coffee farmers. Through the program, youth participate in key training events covering organic production, agronomic best practices, post-harvest management, marketing, and sales. In April 2019, ACODIHUE approved a youth commission to give more decision-making power to their next generation of coffee growers, and later that year the commission signed their first coffee contract. This project, Sonrisa de Mujer is a women’s lot. It’s delicious and consistent and tied to positive projects at origin. This coffee has a creamy mouthfeel and is super sweet. Guatemala Sonrisa, which means smile in Spanish, is an uncomplicated and delicious example of Huehuetenango’s best coffees. Tasting notes: candied orange, chocolate, vanilla bean

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