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Ethiopia Worka Sakaro by Máquina

The explosion of floral aroma opens up the grand arch to this incredibly refreshing coffee. I taste straight up lemonade and summer in the cup!! If you’re a light roast and fruity coffee lover, you’ll love this friendly yet elegant coffee, clean and tasty to the last drop.

flower parade and refreshing citrus

Roast: Light Country: Ethiopia Region/Area/Estate: Worka Chelbiessa Process: Fully washed Altitude: 2,000 - 2,200 meters Varietal: mixed landraces

Notes from the roaster: Located in the village Worka Chelbiessa, the Worka Sakaro station is the central mill for over 200 smallholder producers farming in the surrounding hills. Handpicked cherry is delivered to the mill for sorting, depulping, fermenting and washing through traditional water channels before undergoing drying on raised beds. This coffee is super sweet yet approachable and all the blue florals you expect out of a well processed Yirgacheffe. Powdered sugar cookie with hints of jasmine and a bit of a lime finish is what we taste.

Another great coffee from Máquina Coffee Roasters.

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