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Hua Xi Tian Manor

BKG is dedicated to a single mission: the unyielding pursuit of coffee perfection. Everyday, the 3 brothers go to great lengths to find and select only the finest, most delicious and responsibly sourced beans around. Craig is the coffee ninja, Alain is the lifelong thinker and James has long titled himself the most interesting man in the world which I actually find that to be true.


Roasted on a [insert roaster brand] in their Bayridge roastery, BKG’s roasting process has been refined over time and each roast profile is individually designed to complement the nuances of the coffees they source. It is the delicate balance between art and science that ensures their profiling extracts the most accurate representation of each coffee.


BKG maintains better control that guarantees each coffee is roasted perfectly by roasting in smaller batches and serve it at peak freshness. After all these years, they are still family run with a passion for the craft and community of specialty coffee. From Brooklyn where they were born and raised, now serving the greater community, like every New York hustles, always shoot for the best.


 current collection 

washed typica




natural yellow burbon


Subtropic Dawn


washed geisha


Butterfly Valley

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